Lost Animal?

If you’ve lost an animal, there are a few things you can do.  The sooner you do them, the better.

1. If you are in Winona city limits, call animal control at 457-6294 (leave a message if necessary).  If you are outside of Winona city limits, call your local law enforcement agency.  No matter who you call, there is specific information you will want to convey: type of animal (dog, cat, bird, etc.), location lost, as detailed of a description of the animal as possible, name of the animal, sex of the animal, whether or not the animal was wearing a collar (if yes, describe the collar), and spay/neuter status.

2.  Call us at 452-3135.  If we are open and someone answers, tell them you want to post a lost notice.  The person you talk to will take information from you and we will post the notice on our lost animal board (we check this board when we receive new animals or receive phone calls about found animals).  It is also very helpful to send a picture to us or bring one in.  Different people have different ways of describing the colors of an animal, it’s patterns, etc.

3.  The Winona Daily News and Winona Radio will both run ads to help you get the word out about your lost pet.  The information will be the same as what is needed for calling Animal Control or law enforcement.  Winona Radio’s number is (507) 452-4000.  Winona Daily News is 453-3600 and you will have to follow their automated menu to connect to classifieds.


Found an Animal?

If you have found an animal, please do not come directly to WAHS. Please call us first as space is not always readily available and we are not open 24/7 (507-452-3135).  Our facility has limited space and we may not be able to help right this second.  Call first or follow the steps below.

1.  If you live in Winona city limits, call Animal Control first.  Even if WAHS is full, animal control can board the animal at another location until we free up space to take it.  A common misconception is that Winona Animal Control automatically euthanizes any dog or cat that they take in.  This is not true.

If you are outside of Winona city limits, call WAHS.  If we are not open, call your local law enforcement.  The sheriff’s office does not allow officers to have animals in their squad cars so they will not be able to pick up the animal but may have the owner’s information on hand or may be able to contact someone to meet you at WAHS.

2.  If you want to keep the animal or do not mind caring for it until we have space, the animal still MUST be advertised by law.  Call us and we can explore that option with you in more detail.

3.  If you absolutely cannot take care of the animal and live outside of Winona city limits, call us at 452-3135.  We will be in contact with you as soon as possible if we are not open when you call.  Please be patient with us.  Though there is usually a volunteer or two here, they are here to care for the animals in our building and are not trained to take in animals.