There are times WAHS takes in animals with special needs.  The seriousness of these special needs covers of wide spectrum.  It ranges from an older cat or dog that is under a lot of stress in the shelter environment to an animal with a chronic health condition or a cat with something more serious like Feline Leukemia Virus.

To adopt a special needs animal, WAHS still requires that interested parties submit an adoption application and go through our normal adoption process.  Adoption fees MAY BE reduced for animals with special needs but potential adopters should expect to pay our current adoption fees apply ($80 for cats, $120 for dogs over 1 year, $145 for dogs under 1 year).

Please note that many of these animals simply get sick when they are put in the bays, and one’s that have been adopted do great in homes because it is a better environment for them.  Thanks for your interest.

To inquire about current special needs animals at WAHS, please call (507-452-3135) or email at