From time to time, WAHS has cats who just do not do well inside or with other cats in a small space.  In these instances, WAHS tries to find farms willing to feed, water, and give shelter to these cats.  Before any of them would leave the shelter, they would be up to date on shots and fixed.  These are specific cats picked out by WAHS staff and volunteers who are familiar with these animals.  Please understand that we do not always have farm cats available and the weather factors into when we would allow one or more cats to be adopted to a farm.  If you would be interested in giving one or more of these cats a home, please follow the procedures below.


1. Contact WAHS.  Please stop in during our open hours, give us a call at 452-3135 or email us at

2. Fill out our application/contract.  You can download the application or can come to our office during open hours and pick one up or fill it out on the spot. Downloadable applications:  PDF Format   Landlord Form:  Word Format

3. Depending on your wants/needs, and how many farm cats we have available, we can show you the cats we have available for adoption as farm cats.

4. Once the cat(s) are picked out, we will set up a time for pick up.