For many people, our three regular volunteer areas just do not fit into their schedule.  If this is your situation but you’d still like to volunteer for WAHS, there are many events each year in which you could help the WAHS.

Events Include:

MNSnap Visits: MNSnap is a spay/neuter service for families and people with low income.  WAHS simply acts as the host and check-in services for MNSnap.  The group comes two or more times each year and help setting up, checking animals in, and calling owners for pick up is much appreciated.

Wine & Beer Tasting and Silent Auction (WTSA):  Our biggest fundraiser every year is the WTSA.  The event happens every November and planning starts in June.  We are always looking for more help with set up, organizing, and picking up after the event.  If you’d be interested in the planning stage, new ideas and people are welcome.

Bake Sale:  Every September, WAHS has a bake sale.  It is always a big success and a lot of fun.  It also allows people to volunteer in a number of ways.  Like any event, there is set up and tear down, but one could also help with selling during the event as well as baking some treats for WAHS to sell.


If you have any interest in helping with these events, please email WAHS at or call us at 452-3135.  Your information will be passed on to the proper authority for the given event.