Behavior issues can be tough to correct and, in some cases, irreversible.  Before assuming your pet has a behavior issues, it is best to rule out medical problems.  For example, a cat not using a litter box can be the result of a urinary tract infection.  For more information about area vets, visit our “Vet Services” page (please do not call and ask us to refer you to a specific vet, we are not allowed to do that).

If you do have a pet with behavior issues or training needs, there are multiple options.  Here are some resources to help:

ASPCA Virtual Pet Behaviorist – There is a search box to the right.  You can type in your issue and pick the article that fits your needs.  It will give you a step-by-step guide to help with whatever you are looking to do.

Cat Specific: Cats International – Like the ASPCA site, these articles will give you a guide to correcting cat behavior issues and will give you some tips for caring for your cat.

If you are looking for dog training in the Winona area:

  • Kemlyn Block-Stockstill & Leslie Haines: (507) 452-4124