WAHS Elves Are Working Overtime

For the first time ever- the Winona Area Humane Society is going have “Shelter Elves” delivering cats & kittens on Christmas & Christmas Eve.

Any family interested in adopting a cat or kitten has the option of having that pet delivered by costumed volunteers on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Applicants must still go through the same application process, and pick out their new addition in-person ahead of time. For an additional fee (courtesy of shelter elves) the new addition will be delivered to their home!

Of course, pulling off this kind of Christmas miracle takes a lot of preparation. Elf delivery is available to anyone in Winona County- and possibly outside of the county, depending on the elves’ Christmas Eve and Christmas Day schedule.

Families won’t find anything better in Santa’s workshop than the furry friends we have here. Santa’s instructions are very specific- he wants his elves to deliver the cat and kittens, because it will be too cold for them on Santa’s sleigh.

For more information please e-mail wahscc@hbci.com
For the ASPCA's evidence, please checkout: http://aspcapro.org/resource/saving-lives-research-data/pets-gifts

WAHS Elves Are Working Overtime

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